CSA OG Dragons


Fear the Boogie's Men: boogie logo Ibaka Blocka Flame: ibaka logoTeam Clorox:clorox
Team Tmac:tmac logoTeam Trick Shot:trickshot logoWhite Mamba:mamba logo

League Info

This is the fantasy league that my friends and I creatd for the 2016-17 NBA season. Each participant paid an entry fee of $10 with the winner receiving $50 as a prize and second place receiving $10. Each participant must create a team via a snake draft and set their roster for each week. Teams will match up head to head each week and the team scoring the most fantasy points (fps) wins the week.

Scoring scheme


Teams W L PCT GB
White Mamba 5 1 83.3% 0
Team Trick Shot 5 1 83.3% 0
Fear the Boogie's Men 4 2 66.7% 1
Team Tmac 3 3 50.0% 2
Ibaka Blacka Flame 1 5 16.7% 4
Team Clorox 0 6 0.0% 5